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A business consulting company, we are driven towards rapidly growing and scaling Hi-Tech firms by shaping up their Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Technology, and Operational functions, through our best-in-class business consulting frameworks.

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My name is Gaurav Malik, aka. Gary, the Founder and CEO of Leaderspace.

Leaderspace took birth during the peak of the pandemic - September 2020, with a goal to give back 20+ years of my learning to the industry.

Our mission lies in bringing our experts’ knowledge and connecting them with businesses and individuals seeking such expertise that is not readily available in the market, at competitive price points.

Well-equipped with a vast network of industry experts and businesses, we bring together deep industry knowledge and help our clients take on complex business challenges.

Since our inception, we have catered to various well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders through our management consulting services for tech businesses and our 1:1 coaching and training programs for working professionals.

Leveraging my experience, I have custom-designed frameworks which have taken our clients to massive growth and scale.

Result Driven

20+ years of Leadership

Gaurav is quick in taking on critical issues to drive bottom-line success focusing on trends, strategies, innovation, competitive landscape, modern developmental methodologies and future technology direction.

Here’s Gaurav’s Professional Journey in 15 minutes.


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