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For any working professional to be highly competent, upskilling has been a continuous journey in today’s world. One cannot just depend upon his work experience to boost his competence. Through custom courses created by our industry experts, get a chance to learn from real experiences and get an edge over your peers!

Common Topics

1. Communication skills - written and verbal. How to remove fears of public speaking?
2. How to crack an interview?
3. How to design a LinkedIn Profile and Resume that actually works

Career level below 10 years of experience

1. Learn Program Management skills that are required on the job
2. Your career path, what should you be doing 1,5,7, 10 years from now?
3. Power presentation skills, how to create best-in-class presentations?
4. How to manage your finances when you are in your 20s and early 30s?
5. How to transition from one role to another (engineering to product/project for example)?
6. What should you do if you are a first time manager?
7. How to negotiate salary along with cracking the interview?
8. Managing expectations at all levels - Managing upwards and downwards.. Learn how to make your manager/boss successful and in turn become successful yourself.

Career level above 10 years of experience

1. How to define, design and execute Business Strategy for your business?
2. B2B Marketing framework, how do you design the marketing plan and execute?
3. Growth Engine - How do you set one up and scale?
4. Leadership - how to become a leader. 5 important lessons
5. Mid-life career crisis, what can you do to future proof your career?

Still not able to find what you are looking for? Contact us directly at [email protected] to discuss custom courses.
The course format will be 1:1 from start to finish. We will kick off with your introduction, your current level of experience and the area you want to grow. Post this, we will take our baseline course and custom design it for you.
Course duration: 4 to 8 weeks
Frequency: 1 hour, two times per week, with homeworks.
Pricing: Starts from $100 goes up to $500 depending on the course

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